Victoria is a truly empathetic counsellor who enabled me to think about my choices and options that were available to me, without putting any pressure upon me to find my way forward. She has given me a very supportive environment where I could talk about my concerns, which enabled me to feel heard and understood. I would recommend her to anyone who is in need”.



Victoria’s counselling is of high quality, well respected by counsellor colleagues and her clients. She is popular with her peers in the counselling team and has positive feedback from clients.



I have known Victoria for three years for supplementary supervision. She has a wealth of technical and practical knowledge and skills that I consult on for the complexity of issues my clients present e.g. varying degrees of stress, anxiety and/or depression. I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria to clients, as her warm, empathetic manner is perfect for putting distressed clients at ease. Her non-judgmental and fair attitude ensures that all parties are heard and are comfortable in a safe confidential environment.



Victoria is a hard working and reflective practitioner. She is a highly skilled professional who brings so much to her role as a therapist. Victoria loves a challenge and will put all her energy and enthusiasm when faced with a new challenge. She will be a great asset.


Transition Living

Victoria, it is good to know that you are there.

Mr. and Mrs M

Civil Service

Victoria is absolutely first class, is warm and considerate. She engages exceptionally well with clients and colleagues, has a great sense of humour and always goes out of her way in her attempts to offer clients what is most helpful to them.


Group Facilitator (hpft)

We wish we had come to see you sooner.

Mr. and Mrs P

Civil Service

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What I do is to help individuals rediscover what they have lost in their relationships and show them in a practical way how to create helpful ways of responding to their own and other’s vulnerability.