Online Training offered from any Location

What I do is to help individuals rediscover what they have lost in their relationships and show them in a practical way how to create helpful ways of responding to their own and other’s vulnerability.

Our industry needs progressive and expertise in working in new ways, and training in many industries has now successfully ‘moved online’.

This is why I now offer online training through Skype, Zoom or other platforms to my clients who require high quality training provided remotely.

Q: Is it better to have only face to face training?

A: Not necessarily. The flexibility and cost benefits to an organisation of online training, provided by a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, is worth researching.

Q: Does this form of training work well with groups as well as with individuals?

A: Online training is ideally suited for individuals who are unable to attend face to face training sessions for practical reasons (limited training time due to parenting responsibilities, travelling abroad etc).

For groups who are in the same or different locations, this form of training offers maximum flexibility. Another advantage is that training sessions can be recorded for review or for someone who was absent to ‘catch up’ and maintain their level of expertise.

You made a difference as I have grown and stretched my horizon.
More like a tree bending with the wind rather than stiff and breaking.

Mr D. (Univ. Lecturer – E-learning)

Empowering supervision and training, helping organisations to support their counsellors,
those in training and those in independent practice.

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