V2Recovery Ltd works with a network of partners to bring practical solutions and skills to clients through workshops. We deliver workshops on-site or off-site for clients. Here are some of the titles we cover:

A) Understanding the basic legal system for separation and divorce matter
B) Taking control of your financial affairs with emphasis on how to manage budgets, manage debts, claim financial awards or support particularly in separation and divorce.
C) What is mediation and how can it benefit couples facing separations and divorce?
D) Improving your self esteem and confidence for a new future


  • Constructive resolution to relationship problems
  • Reduced risks of financial and emotional disaster
  • Consideration of the welfare of children in cases of separation
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved mental and emotional health

Victoria’s counselling is of high quality, well respected by counsellor colleagues and her clients. She is popular with her peers in the counselling team and has positive feedback from clients.



To find out more & contact us on
0208 933 3040 • 07936 881150 •

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