Supervision for Practitioners in Training

My training and supervision maintains a strict focus on the protection, care and safety of all people involved.

There are different definitions for what supervision entails, and the focus on deciding when it is appropriate and understanding what role the supervisor has can vary – particularly in the field of counselling and psychotherapy.

It is wise to take expert advice from the outset before planning your training and supervision as an individual or as an organisation with team members, especially as supervision often has a key part to play in accreditation processes, and also remaining compliant with main registration bodies.

Q: How do you define ‘supervision’ in the context of training?

A: Generally supervision is a contractual agreement between practitioners for the purpose of supporting, evaluating and developing professional practice and safety.

Q: What does supervision usual involve?

A: Supervision is a structured process with clearly defined aims and benchmarks, and the practitioner is able to constructively reflect on your practise. A supervisor maximises the practitioner’s performance through supervision. Central to the process of supervision is primarily the therapeutic relationship between client, counsellor and supervisor.

What can you expect from this supervision service?

  • A consultative supervisory relationship that contributes to your personal and professional development to enhance theoretical knowledge, skills competence and learning, widening the scope of your client work.
  • A skilful facilitator with experience in many modalities of therapy and supervision including mentoring for practitioners working for organisations, in private practice, in training going for accreditation or complaints processes.
  • Support to meet ethical requirements of regular supervision from a suitably qualified professional. This is essential for the maintenance of membership and registration with BACP, UKCP and the Professional Standards Authority.
  • A safe and confidential space to deal with issues of public safety, accountability, responsibility, performance and quality control. Skimping on supervision can put practitioners at risk of clients’ complaints, litigation and sanctions.

Empowering supervision and training, helping organisations to support their counsellors,
those in training and those in independent practice.

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