Counselling and Psychotherapy

Individual Counselling

 Do you experience prolonged feelings of emptiness/hopelessness or do you need to rebuild your self-esteem?

Figures suggest that 1 in 5 people will suffer from a mental health difficulty at some point in their lives. Although everyone can benefit from therapy, as it is an effective way to establish better emotional wellness and build resilience against stress in your daily life.

One to one counselling, with me, in person or online will help you better manage and understand difficult emotions and feelings you may be experiencing. I can help you recontextualize problems in order to discover solutions that can help overcome a wide spectrum of life’s many challenges and hurdles. This will in turn facilitate confidence, peace of mind, and greater levels of happiness.

You can feel comfortable opening up and narrating your thoughts and emotions in a safe environment without fear of judgement or criticism. As I practise active and reflective listening which will provide you with the warmth, patience, and professional guidance that you deserve.

Family Relationships

“Family relationships are one of the greatest facilitators of happiness.” –John C. Maxwell

Family relationships/dynamics play a pivotal role in our lives they are an essential component of good psychological and emotional wellbeing. Family connections provide us with care, love, and support and are intrinsically linked to all dimensions of positive health outcomes. They are in essence a cohesive emotional unit that is built upon love and respect. If one part is not working, then it can cause disharmony and have a pernicious knock on effect in which everything can start to break down.

Using my 25 years of experience I can help your family open up about the challenges they may be facing by assessing complex relational patterns and altering them in ways that bring about productive change through positive cycles of interaction. This entails:

  • Working in partnership with family members to explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely. I will also help develop simple and easy emotion focused coping strategies.
  • Talking about each person’s hopes, needs and goals in a way that keeps their important relationships connected.
  • Guiding family members towards sustaining positive interactions by evolving communication styles. Thus keeping everyone connected within a safe, peaceful and supportive atmosphere.


    Couples Relationships

     Have you stopped communicating?

    Do you feel as if you and your partner are growing apart?

    “We are born to love” (Fisher,2004) Romantic relationships are one of life’s greatest joys and sources of happiness. It enriches our lives and provides a meaningful source of fulfilment, love and intimacy. When we encounter conflict within relationships such as loss of affection or infidelity it can cause us great, pain, loneliness, and anguish.

    At V2 recovery we understand that it is a huge step to make the decision to seek help and discuss your relationship, especially the sensitive issues. I can help you both rediscover each other and create an awareness of any unconscious relationship dynamics or patterns that may be negatively impacting your ability to be happy. In addition to this you will also learn new pragmatic ways to relate and respond to each other’s needs, desires and vulnerabilities. Our couple’s sessions primary focus is to resolve your issues respectfully and constructively in order to achieve a loving optimal resolution which leads to growth individually and as a couple.

    Together we can work through your challenges to help make living together – or living apart – work for both of you.


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