Divorce Support Groups

What I do is to help individuals rediscover what they have lost in their relationships and show them in a practical way how to create helpful ways of responding to their own and other’s vulnerability.

Protecting your children from the harmful effects of family separation, and allowing yourself to discover support and empowerment through skilled guidance, is the primary aim of most parents dealing with divorce and breakup.

  • Constructive resolution to relationship problems
  • Reduced risks of financial and emotional disaster
  • Consideration of the welfare of children in cases of separation
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Improved mental and emotional health for parents and children

Perhaps you are divorcing, separating or divorced; we can help you get clarity so you can think things through, and help you find focus so you can reflect on your needs and possibilities.

You will receive a unique service and an opportunity to talk in a safe space either in individual session or in small support groups of up to eight people about the psychological and emotional impact of their separation and/or divorce.

Each group will run for one-and-a half hours each week at the same time over 10 weeks. You will need to attend the whole ten weeks to qualify for the reduced fee.

The aim is to provide a quiet place to grieve the loss of family unit, to feel less isolated, share ideas, learn from others and feel empowered, in control, confident to take control of your life and gain independence.

“She is a highly skilled professional who brings so much to her role as a therapist. Victoria loves a challenge”

Brenda | Transition Living

“Thank you for the opportunity to glimpse a self that is worthy and capable.”

Mr. C. | (Re. dealing with finance)

Victoria Sharman (MSc, P.G. dip, BA, Cert. Supv.)

I am a qualified counsellor with over 20 years experience offering counselling services to couples and families in relationship breakdown caused by a variety of factors. I am renowned for my professionalism, effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills as well as problem solving skills. Through my psychotherapist skills, I have helped many couples understand the causes of their relationship challenges and helped guide them to find solutions that best suit their specific situation.

As an accredited member of the Professional Standards Authority, I work within the BACP and UKCP ethical codes of good practice. This is an accredited register set up by the Government to improve standards and safety of public members accessing counselling services.

Contact Victoria Sharman to book a short conversation to find out how she can best support and empower you

To find out more & contact us on
0208 933 3040 | 07936 881150

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