It’s time to focus on the things you have, rather than the things that you don’t have. When you throw out your unrealistic Wish List (which has no limits) it can alter your mood in a really positive way. But if you continue adding to it, don’t be surprised when your mood sinks and you experience sadness, disappointment, and even anger.

TIP: focus on the things you already have, right in front of you, home, family/friends, your health, a job, food on the table etc. You will start feeling more relaxed and contented.

BOUNDARIES (setting them)

Knowing the point at which your problems stop, and other peoples start is a tricky one. We find it hard to turn people away when they ask for our help, or we interfere by giving advice and support when it’s not requested. The trick is to try creating a giant golden bubble that surrounds you, and protects you physically and mentally from other people’s stuff. How do we do this? By learning to say “No”.

There are only 3 things you can potentially worry about – your business – other people’s business – and God’s business. It pays to recognize which is which.

TIP: Look in the mirror and repeat “No” a couple of times (with an assertive, forceful voice), as when you rehearse this help your brain feel that the action has already been carried out. You might also get really good at this and continue to use it in the New Year as to reduces stress, worry and anxiety.

You might also get really good at this and continue to use it in the New Year as it reduces stress, worry and anxiety.


Communication is not just about the spoken word, you also communicate non-verbally – 55% via body language, 38% through the tone of your voice, and 7% via words spoken, e.g. pulling a disapproving face, turning your back to someone, rolling your eyes, sighing deeply etc.
Communication is a two-way street, so learn to be a good listener. Instead of just waiting to jump in with your reply, really check what you are hearing. We tend to be poor listeners and misinterpret what happens, so be mindful of your choice of words, and the tone of your voice.

TIP: The word listen can be rearranged to spell “S.I.L.E.N.T” We have one mouth and two ears, a big clue that listening is more important than rushing in with words.

DREAMS (and hopes)

Once upon a time …you had aspirations, hopes & dreams. The kind of daydreams that made you feel good and light up like a Christmas tree. Perhaps you want better relationships at home or at work, perhaps you want a new home or a beautiful garden. Whatever your dreams, hopes and aspirations are, another year means “…another chance to try again & make it happen.”

TIP: write your daydreaming thoughts down. Purchase a beautiful notebook and write down 2 or 3 things you’ve set your heart on achieving during the next month. Write down one small step you can take within a week to move towards it, and remember to review and update it.


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