Dear Victoria,

My husband and I have been together for 4 years now and just recently I have discovered that he has been using online chat rooms to talk to other women. When I confronted him about this he assured me that it meant nothing and that he is just conversing, nothing more. However I am worried that this is a form of cheating and that it may go further than this, could you please provide me with some advice on how I could respond to this situation.


Dear Christen,

I can understand your concern with your husband using online chat rooms, often times one partner resorts to this behaviour because they feel they cannot express themselves in a particular way so they seek a stranger to do so. My advice to you would be to discuss with your partner why he is doing this and make it clear that this behaviour makes you uncomfortable in your relationship. If your concern Is further dismissed I would advise you to consider to seek counselling to help you and your partner think things through.

I invite my professional  network  to offer their views  and suggestions.


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