To admit that we feel overwhelmed at times attracts the fear of being perceived as not coping. For this reason, we put on our beautiful masks to dance through the competing demands of daily life. The fast rhythms, pace and tempo of life (with short pauses), can leave us gasping for breath, with low energy levels stopping us from keeping up with the flow. TIME to press the ‘STOP’ button to protect wellbeing.

Tips: Quiet Time (Familiar phrase “Take 5”)
Consider how we think about aloneness and contented solitude and how they feel. Our spiritual self needs attention and sometimes we do this by creating space for quiet moments every once in a while – away from work, friends, family and social networks. Consider this an invaluable small ‘gift to self’ that no other gift could ever match in uniqueness or for its health benefits.


Like most positive actions, praising someone is an act we think about briefly, then somehow keep quiet about, or forget to do. When we care about someone praising the size of their achievement is irrelevant to us, but invaluably uplifting to the recipient. Genuine praise is vital to our emotional resilience, growth and relationship needs.

Tip: Praise people in a way you would like others to praise you whenever possible. The gift of genuine and sincere praise brings essential ‘warmth’ to our overall wellbeing, like a tonic that revitalizes. Accept that praise means different things to different people and be open-minded to new ideas and possibilities.
Imagine the benefit of re-learning ancient ways of relaxation, as when we get the balance right we experience a profound sense of contentment.

RECEIVING (giving)

Give and Take … is a behaviour we learn from childhood, and for some this concept also comes from our faith, beliefs and values depending on our family culture. We do this by giving and receiving a gift in many different forms e.g. in kind or an item of worth.

TIP: Giving to others is a win-win situation, as both the giver and the receiver feel good. Learning to give has been shown to boost our wellbeing, and ties in with ideas of recording your acts of kindness and gratitude on a daily basis to lift your mood.


What does asking for help mean to you? This challenges our beliefs and values about independence vs support. One definition is: ‘something that bears the weight of something or keeps it upright’. Are you able and willing to be there when someone needs you? OR Can you think of someone there for you?

TIP: Take courage to ask for help and accept offer of support that meets your need particularly unwell.
Recognize your limits both physically and mentally and reach out to both give and receive for mutual benefit.

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