THANK YOU (2 little words)

When was the last time you said ‘thank you’ and genuinely meant it? Can you think of a recent conversation where it was delivered with a hint or irony, bitterness or sarcasm? We rush around making so many demands of others and ourselves that the true sentiment behind the act of gratitude seemed lost.

TIP: Pay attention to the tone of your voice. Make your thank you’s count as these little nuggets of gold have the power to make someone’s day.

VALUES (& Beliefs)

Values (and beliefs) are invisible rules that guide us through life – when we practice them repeatedly they turn into firm principles. Values can be shared and they have incredible power over our thoughts, expectations and actions. Shared values reduce conflict & increase happiness in relationships, whilst opposing values have the potential to create conflict.

TIP: To get you started think what your top 5 values are and whether you share them with friends and family e.g. honesty, peace, respect, humour, integrity, kindness, responsibility, loyalty, empathy, compassion.

WORDS (the power of)

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Most of us are familiar with this phrase …but is it true? Words are a filter through which we make interpretations about another’s intent and the world around us. They can be used to create joyous or sad feeling, uplift people’s spirits or devalue them.

TIP: Many a word that’s been spoken or written in the heat of the moment can never be taken back. Beneficial for us to be mindful about the power of words in how we express ourselves in our communication.


Demonstrate enthusiasm and energy in keeping your relationships fresh and alive. If your relationship were a plant, would you remember to water it OR leave it to wither and consigned to the dustbin?

TIP: Give out the sort of energy, care and compassion that you would be delighted to receive from others …it’s infectious!

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